Everything you wanted to know about us and how you buy art?

Who or what are they?
ArtLetCentre has been created in 2021 through the collaboration of various collectors and artists. The wish of this group is to make art more accessible and to allow more people at home or in the company to enjoy art in general.
ArtLetCentre is an international digital platform for artists, galleries and collectors. By visiting the site you have access to a large number of works by artists from all over the world. To make art more accessible, we offer a wide range of art in various price categories.

The works on offer include a multitude of works, including prints, screen prints, mixed media, photography and sculptures.

From novice to world famous artists. Whether you are selling a single piece or an entire collection, ArtLet Center ensures that the works of art can change hands easily, safely and securely. ArtLetCentre buys (and sells) also art directly from artists. Contact us for buying or selling. In addition, ArtLet Center charges a seller fee. Mail us for the best sellers fee.

How do I buy from ArtLet Center?
When you have found the artwork you want to buy, press the button, or use the button ‘price on request’. We will contact you as soon as possible. When a deal is reached and the sale is completed, you can pay via the site.

You’re are talking to a real personand not a bot. We give you 110% personal service and try to make it convenient as possible. Once the money has been received, your dedicated art expert will personally handle the sale and make sure your work and COA is delivered safely.

Are there any costs associated with use?
If you choose to purchase art through ArtLetCenter, you will need to register first. Once this is complete, and you decide to buy the work or you make an offer. If you make an offer, we will contact you to provide you with the asking price. If you decide to purchase a work of art, you will agree a price correspond with the expert and the seller.

Yes, I hit the button. What’s next?
Once an order/offer is placed via the checkout, we will receive a notification. We respond within 24 hours. This is to confirm the artwork you desire is ready to ship. You receive the invoice by e-mail. We sent the COA seperately after you’ve received the artwork. This is the safest way.

How do I know the artwork is authentic?
The ArtLetCenter expert assigned to the artwork is responsible for checking the condition of the artwork and ensuring its authenticity. All our experts are experienced in this field and verify all paperwork in advance.

Is it safe to buy from ArtLetCenter?
It is extremely safe to buy form us. ArtLetCenter.com owns the artworks, we have taken great care in setting up systems that ensure the buyer can have confidence in the transaction. You have direct contact with ArtLet Center.

How long does it take before I receive my artwork?
From the moment the deal is confirmed, our goal is to get your piece to you within ten days. The piece is securely packed after a buyer has been confirmed, it is then checked by our specialist and delivered to you as the buyer.

Shipping the works
Please allow at least 10 days for your purchases to be shipped.
All items with a value of more than €100 require a signature upon delivery.
Please note: we cannot ship to PO-boxes.

Shipping fees
For works available for checkout, shipping fees will be calculated. When the artwork is framed (with glass) we suggest you pick it up.
If  the site doesn’t offer shipping to your location, get in touch with our team at info@artletcenter.com.

Receiving the works at your location
Your tracking number will indicates a signature is required to receive the package. If you’re worried about the address of a shipment, we recommend shipping to a location where someone can receive your work, like an office building.

I want to pick up the artwork in person
Most of the works are available for local pickup. If this is possible, please let us know. Our team will contact you after your order is confirmed to coordinate timing and logistics. The coffee is ready.

Do you want to sell your art?
When we find a buyer for you, you won’t be charged anything to complete the transaction. We maintain a fixed seller’s commission (mail us for the beste rates).